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Verso Wealth specialises in providing life-centered financial planning to individuals.

We care for our clients by helping them achieve their life goals through proper financial planning and management. Along the journey of our relationship we will have conversations about wealth management, investment planning, risk assurance (life, disability and dread disease cover), business assurance, retirement planning, trusts, estate planning and wills. 

Verso Wealth is the financial planning division of the Verso Group. When selecting a company to partner with, to provide financial and investment advice to clients, the Verso Group was focused on establishing a relationship with a well-known business with strong ethical values, cost-effective solutions, total transparency, and superior financial expertise. We found this in the Galileo Capital Group and are proud of our partnership with them.

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Helping you flourish

We want to see you flourish. We recognise that you have unique personal life goals, you perceive value differently and we know that personal financial planning can be a daunting task. We aim to understand what drives you so that we can develop strategies that allow you to focus more of your time and resources towards the things you value most.

We analyse your current financial position in relation to your life goals and provide you with a tailored, written, financial plan and implementation strategy. This acts as a roadmap to illustrate your position, your desired destination and the recommended routes. We develop a professional relationship with you over time and are with you every step of the journey. We recognise that change is the only constant in life, so we commit to reviewing your plan regularly.

How we add value

  • We bring clarity and organization to your financial life
  • We incorporate strategies to minimize unnecessary costs and taxes
  • We coach you through big moments in your life, act as a sounding board for decisions you need to make and stand as your accountability partner
  • We are proactive in our approach, communicate with you regularly and explain complicated information in plain language
  • When it really matters in life, we’ve got you covered

Expert Advice

Our team has the knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

Personal Risk Management

People dedicate a lot of their time, effort and money to building their investment portfolios and businesses but often neglect to protect against real risks.


Non-retirement investment planning ranges from building an emergency fund, so that you don’t have to delve into credit when curveballs are thrown your way, to providing for education, holidays and other things that are important to you.


The traditional concept of retirement is evolving. Our aim is to enable you to work towards a position where you don’t have to work to earn an income. This is true financial freedom. Once in this position, you can choose what to do with your time.


We assist you in developing a succession plan based on your personal wishes, in the event of your death. This plan will also ensure that costs and taxes are minimized and that there is sufficient liquidity (cash) available to cater for this.

We care about who you want to be.


Our Team

Our qualified and independent Financial Planners provide cost effective, specialised client focused risk and investment advice via process driven financial planning.


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CFP® Financial Planner


CFP® Financial Planner


CFP® Financial Planner


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Financial Planner


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Let’s have that conversation.


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