What We’re About

Verso Wealth specialises in providing Financial Planning to individuals. Our planning methodology is based on recognised international processes and any advice given is provided in the form of a financial plan, making it easier for our clients to follow suggested strategies and to achieve their life goals by way of proper financial management.

In selecting a company to partner with, to provide individual financial and investment advice to clients, the Verso Group was focused on establishing a relationship with an existing, well-known business with strong ethical values, cost-effective solutions, total transparency and a business that will focus on the investments and retirement savings of clients with utmost good faith and superior financial skills and knowledge. They found that in the Galileo Capital Group.

Galileo Capital is a Registered Financial Services Provider that specialises in Wealth Management, Portfolio Management, Wealth Accumulation and Tax and Trust Advisory Services. The Galileo Capital Group is driven by a continuous need to investigate new possibilities and find innovative ways to improve on accepted methodologies and conventions.

Verso Wealth is an authorised Financial Services Provider, with the license number 46260.

Our Services

Verso Wealth is the financial planning division of the Verso Group, that specialises in providing Financial Life Planning to individuals. This includes Wealth Management, Investment Planning, Risk Assurance (life, disability and dread disease cover), Business Assurance, Retirement Planning, Trusts, Estate Planning and Wills. 

Personal Risk Management

Our professional financial planners will provide you with strategies and techniques to manage personal risks like death, disability and critical illness.

Investment Planning

Our professional financial planners will provide you with strategies and techniques to invest and to build and maintain personal wealth.

Retirement Planning

Our professional financial planners will provide you with investment strategies and techniques to ensure care free retirement.

Estate Planning

Our specialists will provide you with strategies and techniques to plan your estate and to make sure succession happens according to your plans.

Our Planners

Our qualified and independent Financial Planners provide cost effective, specialised client focused risk and investment advice via process driven financial planning. They are well versed in employee and group benefits and are informed on the tax implications of Paragraph A funds.

From the Blog

All articles are written by our team which includes directors, financial planners and para-planners. The articles appears in company newsletters, magazines, news print and on our social media pages.

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